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Act 9: I Accept Taubman's Offer

Although my first inclination was to tell Ms. Greenberg what she could do with her offer, common sense got the better of me.

Trading the website for $1,000 seemed like a graceful way for both of us to extricate ourselves from our disagreement. And then there was the fact that my girlfriend had been giving me grief about the time I was spending arguing with lawyers instead of doing other things that might be more productive (and I had to admit that she had a point).

So, here's the response that I fired off to Ms. Greenberg later that same day (August 16, 2001).

Dear Ms. Greenberg:

I have decided to accept your offer as outlined in your letter of earlier today.

Frankly, I would have liked to continue to develop ShopsAtWillowBend.com, but I changed my mind at the urging of my girlfriend - who grew up in Franklin, just down the street from you. (She claims she's still addicted to the apple cider.) Something about you Michiganders sticking together, I guess...

Since we're going to be exchanging paperwork, I wanted to point out that you're using my old mailing address in your correspondence. My correct mailing address is:

    2661 Midway Road, #224-225
    Carrollton, TX 75006

I'll be out of town until the middle of next week; I will take the website offline when I return.

Hank Mishkoff

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