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Act 130: I Reply to the Commission's Response

Creating a reply to Doug Sprinkle's response was easy for me, as it was similar to various documents I'd been filing for five months. But my reply to the Commission's response was more problematic, in that I was not real sure of what I was trying to accomplish. So I concentrated on a few of the Commission's statements that I thought were misleading and/or illogical. Perhaps if I could convince the Supreme Court that the Commission's response was less than persuasive, I could also convince the Supreme Court to... well, to do whatever it was that I was trying to convince the Supreme Court to do.

And so, on February 18, 2004, just one day after I submitted my reply to Doug's response, I submitted this reply to the response that had been filed by the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission.

Note: I've included this document as an inline PDF, which can be displayed by most (but not all) browsers. If you do not see the document displayed below, you can display it in a new window by selecting the link.

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